2015 New Year’s Eve Favorites

This year’s party netted a nice list of books, movies and TV shows to keep you busy for a while. Of course, if you are retired they may not get you very far…

2015 Favorite Books

2015 Favorite Movies & TV

Feel free to add more suggestions or comments in each section (they will be held for approval)!

And here’s a timeless message to inspire you – maybe to keep those books circulating!

Artists at work
Artists at work

People did not understand the importance of destruction, he decided. There must be as much destruction as acquisition in a person’s life. Otherwise the result was stagnation, accumulation, and eventually a clogging up of energy flows by dead items. And this deadness immediately transferred itself to the spirit of the person living in the cluttered home. To him, it seemed so obvious. How was it that people never noticed the immediate improvement in their inner being that followed a session of throwing things away?

Or was it something to do with Singapore society, where acquisition was treated as an end in itself, more important than happiness or contentment? Ideally, a person should have slightly more destruction in his or her life than acquisition. That way, a person would gradually change the balance of their existence from material to spiritual as they aged. They would thus end their lives gloriously unencumbered. But this concept was impossible to sell to people for whom shopping was entertainment. To most clients, feng shui meant nothing more than the addition of a fish tank in a hall or the hanging of a golden ornament by a door.

– Excerpt from The Feng Shui Detective, by Nuri Vittachi